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IOC has maintained the status quo with the curriculum. However, IOC has not been able to expand the curriculum and offer more classes because we have not been able to generate the additional financial support. Currently, classes are offered in the morning but not in the afternoon. IOC strives to expand classes to the afternoon.

Nourishment has been an important benefit to the children, which IOC had provided in the past. For many of the children, it was the only of the day. However, because of financial reasons, IOC temporarily suspended lunch at the school. It is a short term goal of IOC to reinstate the lunch program.

Routine maintenance of the school has kept it in good condition and provides for an conducive to learning. However, in 2015, an earthquake caused some damage, which does not endanger the students or staff. Unfortunately, IOC has not been able to raise the funds to repair to damages due to the earthquake.

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