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Since the Soviet invasion in 1979, the people of Afghanistan have endured lives filled with deprivation, brutality and anguish. An entire generation has lost their childhood. Over 1.5 million have lost one or both parents, and over 700,000 orphans are living in sub-poverty conditions. Further conflict in the 1990s exacerbated the suffering and despair of the populace, especially women and children.

International Orphan Care (IOC) provides education, healthcare, nutrition and vocational training so that these children will be healthy and productive members of their community. The mission of IOC is to provide the orphans of Afghanistan with HOPE (Help the Orphans be Productive and Educated). IOC also serves children of the poor, disabled, landless, dispossessed and marginalized.

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Educating to orphans and socio-economically disadvantaged children has been IOC’s most effective strategy in enabling children to make a better life for themselves and their family.

The IOC School is fighting statistics by giving opportunities for disadvantaged Afghan boys and girls, who are able to study safely in a classroom with modern computers, books, and desks. Through vocational training, the children learn to be independent and confident, which will encourage them to be contributive members of society. They also learn entrepreneurship as some enter the workforce right away as proficient tradesmen and tradeswomen. Math, English, and computer skills are invaluable classes that will help the students find white collar jobs, like a schoolteacher. Through employment, these disadvantaged children will be breaking status quo and increasing influence and social power in Afghanistan.

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IOC has a school in Jalalabad since 1993. In 2005, IOC built a new school and since expanded it to accommodate as many as 300 students.

IOC has a staff of 20 to 25, including 15-20 teachers who are highly qualified and come to IOC on the recommendation of local and national government education and welfare agencies, as well locally experienced and established NGOs.

IOC has an all-volunteer unpaid Board of Directors based in the United States, who provide oversight, guidance and raise funds to support the Jalalabad School.

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IOC uses measures of success to assess the effectiveness of its programs and staff within the prevailing constraints and limitations of the local society. Success can be measured by the graduation rate of the students and their ability join the work force or extend their education beyond high school.

135 Completion Certificates were awarded in 2015. Girls received 46 Completion Certificates: 9 for computer, 17 for English, 9 for math and 11 for tailoring. The girls in the tailoring class also received a sewing machine and sewing tools.

In Afghanistan, it is very challenging to track the students after graduation because the graduates tend to go wherever there is opportunity, which is quite often away from Jalalabad. Anecdotally, some IOC graduates do keep in touch via email, social media, etc., and all are gainfully employed or pursuing further education.

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IOC has maintained the status quo with the curriculum. However, IOC has not been able to expand the curriculum and offer more classes because we have not been able to generate the additional financial support. Currently, classes are offered in the morning but not in the afternoon. IOC strives to expand classes to the afternoon.

Nourishment has been an important benefit to the children, which IOC had provided in the past. For many of the children, it was the only of the day. However, because of financial reasons, IOC temporarily suspended lunch at the school. It is a short term goal of IOC to reinstate the lunch program.

Routine maintenance of the school has kept it in good condition and provides for an conducive to learning. However, in 2015, an earthquake caused some damage, which does not endanger the students or staff. Unfortunately, IOC has not been able to raise the funds to repair to damages due to the earthquake.

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